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A day in the life of Susan Roberts

Dear Mother

I am writing to say I've had the most jam-packed day. First of all at 10.00 I went shopping to buy a pet. I bought a lovely white poodle called Chrissie, she has got the cutest diamond collar and lovely silver shades.

After that I went to the hairdressers. Chrissie had a hair-cut and so could I, but I didn't really fancy it. I think you will like it, I had my nails painted zebra stripes and tiger stripes, they're cool.

Bradley bought me a huge diamond wedding ring and a bride's dress, it is long white and silky. When we got home, the men had started work on the new kitchen and outside on the blossom tree.

After that I zoomed off to have dinner with Catherine Zeta Jones. It was fab, we talked about her film and we talked about her fame.

After that I went to my photo shoot. It was great, they took loads of photos in a field of daisies, by loads of famous replicas.

Because I had had such a stressful photo-shoot I rushed off to my favourite spa and relaxed in the Jacuzzi and sauna and had caviar and my favourite champagne. After that I went home.

What a jam-packed day!

Lots of love


PS: Could you come to dinner tomorrow 7.30?. Bye!

By AA, age 11yo

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