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Kite Surfing

The most radical 3D water sport.  Kite surfing (a.k.a. kiteboarding and flysur of windsurfing, wakeboarding, surfing, paragliding and power kiting. Invented by the French and popularised by the Robbi Naish in Hawaii, Kitesurfing is now ripping it up in Britain.


See our own gallery for more pictures and also this link BKSA Porthcawl, Wales - 16 - 18 April 2003 for more pictures from a BKSA member.

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UK Competition Events April 15th-18th > Porthcawl, Wales - Grand Prix Round 1

Next Demonstration Event "let us know" Training courses are available Now in the UK and overseas. Instructors Training register for the next course. We list training courses from anywhere in the world. Send us your details. Stolen & Lost Equipment - Helps us find it please

The BKSA has over 6,500 registered members. Kitesurfing.org has received over 450,000 visits to receive Free information about basic safety and where to get advice on kitesurfing. Courses have been organized to train Instructors (70 full, 6 provisional), The BKSA answers 100's of inquires, helps training centres open, found Insurance for members (additional fee) and events. The BKSA will maintain with it's very limited resources a position of Free dissemination of information about Safety and Access to the sport, basic incident log and message board We want to promote Access for All. That is giving information about training, places to do it, talk about it, see it and have a go. We feel that it is important to maintain the spirit of a New sport in a commercial world.

2003 British Kite Surfing Champions

Mike Smith            Top Flight British Kite Surfing Champion 2003
Kirtsy Jones         Women's British Kite Surfing Champion 2003
Denzil Williams    Amateur British Kite Surfing Champion 2003
Tom Court & Sam Kirby   Joint Junior British Kite Surfing Champions 2003
Kevin Maguire      Senior British Kite Surfing Champion 2003

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