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The Buckaneers are a group of volunteers who arrange two annual events - Porthcawl Christmas Morning Swim and the Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival. Their objectives are to involve the community of Porthcawl in participating in these events and to raise funds and donations for worthwhile causes in Porthcawl. If you wish to participate, assist in the organisation or support us with donations you will find details  on this page. 

    So much achieved... WELL DONE Everybody!   


The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2014

The theme this year was 'Porthcawl Life Since 1914'


The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2013

Sorry, but due to unforeseen circumstances I missed this one out. Any photos will be much appreciated.

Please Email Me with your own pictures attached. Thank you.

Here is a photo taken by Peter Morgan. Thank you Peter...



The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2012



The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2011

The theme for 2011 was "Theatre Shows"



 The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2010


The theme for 2010 was "Cartoon Movies" - Click here for updates...



 The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2009

Well Done Porthcawl Buckaneers and thanks everyone who participated in this year's great and successful Porthcawl Town event.


Adult Float

1st > Porthcawl Town Council

2nd > New Brogden Public House

Children's Float

1st > Porthcawl Rugby Club

2nd > Bright Beginnings


The Webb sisters

A new award sponsored by Lindsay Morgan, President of Porthcawl Chamber of Trade was made to the 'gambo' entered by the Blue Seas Guest House.


 The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2008

The theme this year was TV ADVERTS




The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2007



The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2006



The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2005



The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2004



The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2003



The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2002



The Porthcawl Buckaneers Carnival 2001


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