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Scarweather Sands Offshore Windfarm proposal

Here is some informative material from Sustainable Wales  regarding the Offshore Wind Farm at Scarweather Sands. Click on this link to download letters to the Local Press. Check this document out for more information:

You may contact Sustainable Wales at:

41 John Street, Porthcawl CF 36 3AP

Tel 01656 783405


News from Sustainable Wales:

Scarweather Sands Offshore Windfarm proposal - Why?

Climate change and energy explained

Energy Facts and Tips

At a glance! - Facts & Tips

"Scarweather Inquirer" - view a pdf of our easy to read publication which looks at many of the questions being asked locally

Windfarm letters

Porthcawl Regeneration - letters to press and organisations concerned


Porthcawl society queries Assembly wind power decision

... Contact Porthcawl Civic Society via Mike Mansley. e-mail newton1 (delete nospam and reformat to email). Society ...


Environmental Issues | News | Nuclear Power | Climate Change ...

... Last edited: 13-07-2004 Over the bank holiday weekend, a team of Greenpeace volunteers hit the beach at Porthcawl, Wales to introduce the Scarweather Sands ...

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