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Porthcawl Folk Rock & Beer Festival - July 21st 2001

Extract from Celtica Radio On The Road! news

On a sunny afternoon on Saturday at the coastal resort of Porthcawl in South Wales, the Celtica Radio Roadshow hosted the Newton Music and Beer Festival in association with the Jolly Sailor Inn. Singer /Songwriter and Guitarist, Roger Clatworthy, was interviewed by Gareth Anstee for the Celtica One programme, and performed live for forty-five minutes. The recording of this unique event is now available in the specialist options menu. Steve Faldo kicked the outside broadcast off with his Universal Drivetime Option, which will also be available soon in the daytime options menu. Ed Risby closed the occasion, which was a great success.

As the event was also videotaped for our archive, Celtica Radio will be making available highlights from the video footage. Once again, Ed Risby got us all wondering if:-

1. He's in sane, and
2. Whether he is in fact an alien, and not from the planet Earth.

He managed to achieve this outstanding feat by opening his show while running round and around in circles until he got dizzy, and fell over!



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