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Could the missing Roman fort of Bovium be found under the medieval town of Kenfig? Here follow a few interesting extracts from Porthcawl Times:

"Roman Kenfig?

Kenfig is first mentioned in the 9th Century, and in AD 893, was sacked by sea raiders, along with other Welsh towns. Like other pre-Norman Welsh towns it has long been suggested that the vanished town owed its existence to a Roman foundation.
The earliest medieval castle at Kenfig was a primitive Welsh castle built by the Welsh lord of Glamorgan. As he advanced across Glamorgan, another castle was built by the Norman lord of Glamorgan, Robert Fitzhamon in or around AD1100 as a frontier post.
Historians have long debated just why this castle possessed an outer bailey with an area of 8 acres. We would suggest that this huge enclosure is the site of an early Roman fort..."9

"We would suggest that the history of Kenfig could possibly be along the following lines:

AD 75-80 The Romans march westward across Glamorgan, constructing forts and roads as they advance. The earliest fort at Kenfig would possibly have been an earthen banked, wooden structure.

c.AD 150 The Roman fort is rebuilt in stone, as were many others in Wales at this time."

"In his book ‘A History of Caerphilly’ (Cowbridge 1975), HP Richards suggests that a Roman road led from Caerphilly to the Roman forts at Neath and Kenfig."

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