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Legends of Porthcawl

and the Glamorgan Coast

By Alun Morgan






The stories have been drawn from an area around Porthcawl extending in an arc from Kenfig and Cornelly in the West to Wig Fach and the Ogmore River in the East.



Stories connected with Sker House
The story of Cap Goch
The legend of Ogmore Castle
The wreckers of Dunraven
The buried city of Kenfig
The legend of Kenfig Pool
The "Golden Mile"
The magical well of Newton
Candleston Castle and The Lost Village
The Mari Lwyd
The phantom funerals of Porthcawl
"Taffy was a Welshman"

Also contains:

Sixteen 'Little Known Legends'

Five 'Old Beliefs of Glamorgan Coastal Folk'

This laminated hardback cover was published by Alun Morgan in 1983.

120 pages.

Book measures 195mm x 255mm.

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