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PORTHCAWL (as per The LoveToKnow Free Online Encyclopedia which is based on what many consider to be the best encyclopedia ever written: the eleventh edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, first published in 1911), is described as a seaport and urban district in the midparliamentary division of Glamorganshire, South Wales, 30 m. by rail W. of Cardiff and 22 m. S.E. of Swansea. Pop. (1901) 1872. The urban district (formed in 1893) is conterminous with the civil parish of Newton Nottage, which, in addition to Porthcawl proper, built on the sea-front, comprises the ancient village of Nottage, 1 m. N., and the more modern village of Newton, 1 m. N.E. of Porthcawl. The natural harbour of Newton (as it used to be called) was improved by a breakwater, and was connected by a tramway with Maesteg, whence coal and iron were brought for shipment. The tramway was converted into a railway, and in 1865 opened for passenger traffic. In 1866 a dock (71 acres) and tidal basin (21 acres) were constructed, but since about 1902 they have fallen into disuse and the coal is diverged to other ports, chiefly Port Talbot. Porthcawl, however, has grown in popularity as a watering-place. Situated on a slightly elevated headland facing Swansea Bay and the Bristol Channel, it has fine sands, rocks and breezy commons, on one of which, near golf links resorted to from all parts of Glamorgan, is "The Rest," a convalescent home for the working classes, completed in 1891, with accommodation for eighty persons. The climate of Porthcawl is bracing, and the rainfall (averaging 25 in.) is about the lowest on the South Wales coast. The district is described by R. D. Blackmore in his tale The Maid of Sker (1872), based on a legend associated with Sker House, a fine Elizabethan building in the adjoining parish of Sker, which was formerly extra-parochial. The parish church (dedicated to St John the Baptist) has a pre-Reformation stone altar and an ancient carved stone pulpit, said to be the only relic of an earlier church now covered by the sea.

PORTHCAWL (as per Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) is situated on a low limestone headland on the south Wales coast, overlooking the Bristol Channel, Porthcawl developed as a coal port during the 19th century, but its trade was soon taken over by more rapidly developing ports such as Barry. Northwest of the town, in the dunes known as Kenfig Burrows, are hidden the last remnants of the town and castle of Kenfig, which were overwhelmed by sand about 1400. It is rumoured that to this day, Kenfig's remains are guarded closely by a fearsome and deadly Sand Serpent. These rumours are most often dismissed as local folklore by visitors to the town, despite the alarming record of disappearances recorded around the area, and numerous eye witness accounts of the creature.

Porthcawl is a leading holiday resort in southern Wales and has one of the largest caravan and camping parks in Europe. It has an extensive promenade and several beaches, two of which are Blue Flag beaches: a tourist-oriented beach at Trecco Bay, at the east end of the town; a sandy beach at Rest Bay, which lies to the northwest of the town; and the quiet and sandy Pink bay leading out towards Sker point. A tarmac-covered beach lies in front of the promenade.

There are many hotels and B&Bs and a funfair. Four rocky points line the shore: Hutchwns Point, Porthcawl Point (on which a lighthouse is situated), Rhych Point and Newton Point. Author Rhys Hughes grew up in the town.


(Editor) >> Well so did Steve Strange (born in Newbridge as Steven John Harrington on May 28, 1959), a British singer and pop icon, who attended St John's School in Porthcawl. Steve is best remembered as an influential party promoter and as the front man and lead singer for Visage. Strange (see BBC archives View-London Interviews and Answers.com) is often referred to as the "ultimate New Romantic," as his influence on the British club scene of the early 1980s and on synthesized music can still be seen today. More of Steve at Steve Strange - The Blitz Club and Geocities. I cannot explain why on earth he had such an urge for a TELETUBBY, but God does sometimes leads us in mysterious ways!!! A copy of his auto-bio can be purchased from Amazon. Steve's latest exposure through the British media was as Steve Strange on SCISSORHANDS.

Here is his Visage-Music website. Well, enough is enough of Steve...



Porthcawl History, directly from the Town Council's website.


Saint-Sebastien-sur-Loire - Porthcawl
Town Twinning Association


Did you know that the first sheep came into Wales 6000 years ago?

Check out the Archaeology and Numismatics pages at theNational Museum & Gallery Cardiff  and also the National Museums & Galleries of Wales


Lets Go There - Porthcawl Museum , Porthcawl, Local Tourist ...
Welcome, Search, Browse Locations, Sign In, Register. Porthcawl Museum. Locally... ...
Local Info... > Porthcawl > Mid Glamorgan > South > Wales. Porthcawl Museum. ...


Old Police Station & Porthcawl Museum, John Street, Porthcawl, Mid Glamorgan CF36 3DT Tel: +44 (0)1656 786 639 or +44 (0)1656 782 211
Now housing the local Tourist Information Centre, this Victorian listed building was a police station from the late 19th century until 1971.

The museum traces the history of Porthcawl and area and features a changing exhibition of local art as well as mementoes of WWII. See map


Kenfig.org.uk - The complete history
...The War years [WWII] saw American forces stationed at Porthcawl, Kenfig and ... Do you have a story to tell about this period in Kenfig's history?... ...


Roman Kenfig? Could the missing Roman fort of Bovium be found under the medieval town of Kenfig?



PORTHCAWL, a seaport and urban district in the mid-parliamentary division of Glamorganshire, South Wales, 30 m. by rail W. of Cardiff and 22 m. S,E. of. ...



Railway trucks at Porthcawl Docks :: Gathering the Jewels

Railway trucks at Porthcawl Docks. View larger image. For copyright clearance contact: Bridgend Library and Information Service. ...



Murder mystery in Porthcawl

MURDER MYSTERY IN PORTHCAWL. Late on ... Jennie Blodwen Atkinson - Guest House Owner and Wife of Ernest Atkinson - Porthcawl; Shirley Jones ...

  1. Porthcawl shipwreck

    18 Aug 2004 ... the official website of the porthcawl lifeboat. the site contains all the information you could possibly want about the lifeboat stationed ...

  2. Pulley block, salvaged from the wreck of the SS Samtampa, Sker ...

    Pulley block, salvaged from the wreck of the SS Samtampa, Sker Point, Porthcawl At 3.45pm, on Wednesday, 23 April 1947, two boys reported to the Porthcawl ...


  3. GENUKI: Contents list of a book 'Views of Old Porthcawl, Volume I'

    A book of photographs produced by The Porthcawl Museum & Historical Society, ... 18, Pre-First World War Soldiers in John Street, 39, The wreck of the ...

Kenfig peat shelf, Porthcawl, Bridgend: Site visit

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Porthcawl that he had noted marks which looked like human footprints on the peat ... Wreck. Wreck. Figure 2: Footprints in relation to the peat shelf as ...

  1. A history of Porthcawl shipwrecks from Porthcawl Lifeboat Station.

    Wales on the Web Porthcawl – A Movie of the seaside Town

    Wales on the Web A flash movie about the seaside town of Porthcawl in South Wales. ... World Wide Wales.


    Shipwrecks off Porthcawl in South Wales from www.ukdiving.co.uk wreckforum


    GENUKI: References to Newton Nottage and Porthcawl at the British Library
    ... Porthcawl, Newton and Nottage, a concise illustrated history Photograph courtesy
    of Phillip Aspinal. Illustrations and maps by Margaret ...



    On 13 October 1858 the schooner Ajax, of Plymouth, was wrecked off Kenfig Sands near Porthcawl. Seven coastguards pulled a gig along the foreshore and put ...


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