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Terance pleas to Porthcawl locals & residents for local postcards


I wonder if you could possibly help me?  I am interested in old photos of Porthcawl -  particularly of Sandy Bay, Trecco Bay and Coney Beach and ideally from the 1960's up to the mid eighties. I used to have a caravan on Sandy Bay and I have been holidaying in Porthcawl for over 30 years. I have picked up some, although not many older postcards off Ebay But what I would really like is to ask any local people if they have any photos that they would be willing to email me, or alternatively I would be willing to pay for photocopies to be made.
I am not part of any business, and I must stress that any interest I have in obtaining any photos is strictly as part of my interest in Porthcawl as an individual and only for my own personal use - nothing commercial.   I was wondering if it would be possible to place a request on your excellent website?
I would be really most grateful indeed.
Thank You

Please Email Us Now using *Terance" in the title and we'll gladly pass your details to Terance.

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