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The ELVIES is an AWARDS SHOW; a Porthcawl community event for Wales, the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. More next year? A real worldwide event.

In 2010 there will be over twenty ELVIS venues in and around our Town,

forming the Fringe Festival and making Porthcawl the largest ELVIS event in Europe.

A variety of shows involving multiple Porthcawl venues, where an Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA) can register to perform for a variety of Elvis Awards, such as Best Welsh Elvis, Best Festival Elvis, Vegas Elvis, Best Movie Elvis, Best Young Elvis, Gospel Elvis, Best '68 Special Award and  Best Lamé Jacket. More categories next year?

2008 Elvies results: Gold Lame Jacket Award - Kirk 'Love Me' Turner, Best '68 Special Award - Ben Portsmouth, Best Movie Elvis - Mike Nova, Best Gospel Elvis - Shayne Prince,     
Best Vegas Elvis - Johnny Lee Memphis. According to The Independent Newspaper, "at the current rate, one in 10 people on Earth will be an ETA by 2020"!

Elvis the King of Cymru?  (From BBC News)


See our own website Porthcawl.ElvisFans.com




Now showing - Click image to download.Now showing - Click image to download.

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