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  Festival 2008

A 3 day event, Friday 11th

until Sunday 13th April 2008


STAN TRACEY - JACQUI DANKWORTH & many other great jazz bands.

And to top up this year's festival, the amazing

British jazz trombonist Mr Chris Barber performs on Saturday 12th April

At 8:45pm: The Big Chris Barber Band (in the Main Hall)

Last time I saw Chris Barber in Porthcawl Pavilion (and his BIG Jazz Band) it was a  REAL Jazz Fun event! A fusion of Traditional Jazz pieces!

Here is a picture of Chris Barber's double CD cover and the autograph I had from this great Jazz night.

Needless to say that Chris Barber

and his BIG Band were (as usual)


See the Chris Barber Story Part One & Part Two and In His Own Words the audio interviews. Also this informative link ( where the following comments come from:

"Alexis Korner is often hailed as the grandfather of the British blues scene, but if that's the case then Chris Barber must be hailed as the great-grandfather. For Chris put together the band with Cyril Davies and Alexis and told them what to do. Chris is monstrously underrated for his contribution to the music scene in Britain" - Harold Pendleton to Melody Maker magazine.

Arguably if it weren't for Chris Barber the British Blues movement may not have happened at all. Barber, who has fronted his own band for more than half a century and still tours today, was immensely popular at the height of the jazz era in 1950's Britain.

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