These are various photographs I took (following the kind permission from the Organisers' Media Office - I was PHOTO5) on Sunday 20-Jun-2010 at the Royal Porthcawl Golf Club. I'd like to share this photo album on the Web for all the Golf Sport lovers to see, thus promoting the Sport, the Players, the Organisers and Sponsors, Wales and finally Porthcawl and its so unique in Europe, Royal Porthcawl Golf Club.

rydercupwales_656_small.jpg rydercupwales_657_small.jpg rydercupwales_661_small.jpg rydercupwales_662_small.jpg rydercupwales_663_small.jpg
rydercupwales_664_small.jpg rydercupwales_665_small.jpg rydercupwales_666_small.jpg rydercupwales_667_small.jpg rydercupwales_668_small.jpg
rydercupwales_671_small.jpg rydercupwales_673_small.jpg rydercupwales_674_small.jpg rydercupwales_675_small.jpg rydercupwales_676_small.jpg
rydercupwales_677_small.jpg rydercupwales_680_small.jpg

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